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ETOZ stands for Exceptional Technology for Optimized Zone Gaming: Graphical Advancements, Maximum Immersion, Next-gen Gear, Continuous Optimization, Maximized Performance, Unique Technological Enhancements, Remarkable Speed "ETOZ" represents a commitment to providing high-quality gaming computers tailored for optimized zone gaming experiences. This full form emphasizes various aspects of their gaming computers, such as graphical advancements, immersive experiences, cutting-edge technology, performance optimization, and more. Today ETOZ is considered as the first and largest Custom PC gaming retailers in the city of Al Ain with a chain of customized retail outlets in city of Al AinUAE. We aim to deliver the best in gaming with video games, game accessories, merchandise and premium products such as limited edition collectibles, high-end hardware and other niche gaming products. Started selling in Al Foah Mall in 2018, ETOZ brand now sells the maximum number of titles on all new generation consoles.

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To become the leading-edge technology provider in the UAE and GCC by creating high quality gaming PC and Mobility solutions (S/W and H/W) in order to fulfill our clients’ expectations and achieve measurable competitive advantage


To become an central partner to our clients by offering and managing the Finest assortment of gaming vendors and service providers in the Field of Information Technology combined with localization, best practices and service excellence

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ETOZ reference list is long, combining those customers that are having full or part of ETOZ solutions, or combining ETOZ H/W with other solutions. Our Clients fall in different market not only in gaming industry but includes corporate verticals, such as FMCG Companies, Couriers and Delivery, Retail, Utilities, Healthcare, Security companies, airports, airlines, Army, and Government (Inspection, Traffic department, municipalities …)

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Our team consists of highly qualified technicians, computer Engineers, Hardware technical consultants, graphic designers, developers, and professional certified IT managers. This team has helped companies in the mobility world to carry on their work successfully and establish trust with our brand. The people that make up ETOZ have years of experience working with some of the largest brands on the market today. ETOZ team is one of the most homogeneous and professional. All of its members are working in coherence offering their utmost loyalty and dedications. ETOZ team have gone beyond products and technology and decided to offer the localization knowledge and technology as the added value of any product and/or service that ETOZ well sell.